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Forskohlii Root Powder

Forskohlii Root Powder

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Forskohlii Root Powder is an incredible root used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is a member of the mint and lavender family, which grows in the mountains of Asia. Forskohlii is such a remarkable root that it has been utilized by humans for thousands of years and recorded in Sanskrit texts as an ancient medicine used to possibly support healthy functioning of the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and nervous systems.

Indigenous to India, Forskolin is a diterpene from the roots of the Indian plant, Coleus forskohlii. Diterpenes are known to possibly have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and expectorant properties. Extensive scientific studies have been conducted on forskolin and its possibly supportive properties for serious health issues including cystic fibrosis, malignant tumors, cancer, HIV, polycystic kidney disease, asthma, chronic rhinosinusitis and more.

In addition, forskolin may initiate chemical reactions that could cause fat cells to release their energy and dissolve.


    8 oz bag

    Store in cool, dry place

    Mix 1 teaspoon to every 5 ounces of water


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